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Content Marketing Series – Introduction

Everyone now is talking about content marketing, blogging, social media, videos – and somehow all this is supposed to help your business.  But how does it all fit together and what’s the point? Isn’t it just adding noise to an already crowded space on the Internet? And isn’t social media on the decline?

Over the coming weeks I’m going to take you on a journey through content marketing which will help you to answer these very questions. I’ll also help you to understand your audience better, and in turn show you how to grow your audience, sales and conversions.

In this super simple series I’m going to do the following;

  • Break it all down for you
  • Dispel the myths
  • Show you how it all fits together
  • Show you how to get started
  • Show you how to create a simple but powerful master plan! 
  • Oh…and I’ve pulled in a few favours, I’ll be introducing you to a few of my friends – internationally recognised experts in their fields within the content creation, marketing and digital strategy space who are giving bonus video insights about each of the key parts in this series.

One myth that I want to bust right now is that this is all overly complicated and borderline pointless.  I’m going to show you that content marketing is in fact;

  • All very simple when it breaks down
  • Far from pointless
  • Could become your most effective inbound marketing strategy!

But most of all, that it really is simple.

What are we going to focus on, and what are we not going to focus on in this series?

We are going to focus on:

  • Who is your ideal customer? Where are they stuck? 
  • Creating super simple customer avatars (your audience)
  • Planning your content campaign – what are you actually going to write about / actionable ideas
  • Strategy – creating your first content strategy map
  • Penning your first blog post & beating writers block
  • Publish & optimise your post for SEO & social media
  • 10x your social engagement to with social scheduling
  • Building your list / content upgrades & timely offers. 
  • Pro tips and tools

What are we not focusing on in this series:

  • PPC ads
  • SEM
  • Analytics

This series is all about the planning and executing of the content creation in line with the audience you want to reach (we can talk about the things above in another series). 

Identifying and understanding your audience is the biggest obstacle to overcome – we’ll get started on that in part 2.

I can’t wait to get started!

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